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The Objective of Strong Christian Men.com

The objective of this site is to motivate Christian men to live zealously for God.  Men need to be assured that the Christian faith is still worth living. That a manly Jesus still exists. That castration is not a prerequisite for participation in the faith.

Men are in Trouble

It is imperative we recognize Christian men are in trouble.    Today’s churched men need to see there is something more substantive than being merely “nice”,  we stand to lose millions of father’s, sons, and friends unless we address the troubling issues facing men.  The most alarming trend is sexual addiction.  According to recent studies, pornography is regular viewed by over half of the men in today’s church pews.  This addiction has reached epidemic levels never imagined in previous generations.  Because of these painful realities, men have gone missing.  They have retreated from their God-given positions in the home, in the local church, and in the culture at large.

Men Need a Challenge

Despite the attempts to get men in the church, the verdict should appear obvious. The vast majority of men find little to inspire them in the present contemporary church. God created men for more than singing in the choir, painting the nursery, and lugging crap to the annual church rummage sale. The heart of every man longs for true adventure.  Since boyhood he longs to slay dragons and rescue pretty maidens.  Instead, men today have been hi-jacked by a soft, feminized ideology that has gelded many churched men.

At this moment of history we need really dangerous men.  We don’t need more teaching of how to be a good boy. We know how to be nice, but we don’t know how to fight for things worth living.  What is lacking are coaches and fathers in the faith who will teach us how to be strong, manly and dependable.

This site is an eye-opening resource for men who are bored and passive in church. This resource provides motivational articles, videos, images, and audio clips that will stir men to something more than “being a nice guy”.  These resources serve to dump gasoline onto a hot fire and reclaim the passion and zeal God desires men of all ages to possess. 

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